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Tracks the progress of debugging and code profiling
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Sapunov Vladimir

Explores the structures of programs in operating systems and fixes the existing bugs or errors. The utility also provides the opportunity to monitor the processes running during the debugging and tracking their progress. Several debugging formats of Borland and Microsoft structures are supported.

Zeta Debugger is a stand-alone source level debugger and code profiler for applications written for Windows 98/2000/XP. Debugging could be done either at the level of machine instructions, or at the source level, when the source code is in C/C++ and debugging format emitted by your compiler is one of those supported by our debugger or external plug-in modules, which can be easily written by most users.

At this moment the debugger supports a several number of debugging formats used by compilers of two most known companies - Borland (BC4, BC5) and Microsoft (VC5, VC6). Other versions will be added later.

Some key features of Zeta Debugger include: plug-in API to load any user defined symbolic debug information for modules; plug-in API to execute user written commands; a single navigation window for almost all process's objects; graphical representation of jumps between Asm instructions; animation of process execution; syntax hiliting for C/Asm panels; BackStep command, undoing changes made by last instructions; full and convenient keyboard control; popup balloon window showing all keyboard commands; guards on memory write operations with precondition expression; cover panel with the list of recent files; graphical representation of current module's sections; automatic symbol hyperlinks in C/Asm panels; automatic/manual insertion of comments; automatic address correction after program recompilation; the list view of functions call frames; real-time log-file panel, and so on.

Read more details here http://www.fyzor.com/debugger.

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